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Mahakameshwar Modak (30 Tablets) for Men's wellness and sexual disorders

Mahakameshwar Modak (30 Tablets) for Men's wellness and sexual disorders

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Mahakameshwar Modak is a classical cannabis-based Ayurvedic formulation that is described to improve male sexual health and primarily contains Bhang (Cannabis sativa), blended with equal amounts of 66 herbs and 3 Bhasmas - Abhrak Bhasma, Loha Bhasma, Vang Bhasma. 


Cannabis Sativa (Lf) 170mg
Abhrak Bhasma 3.25mg
Loha Bhasma 3.25mg
Vang Bhasma 1.65mg

Javitri / Jaiphal 5.25mg
Jayfal 5.25mg
Trikatu 5.25mg
Triphala 5.25mg
Nagarmotha 5.25mg
Dalchini 5.25mg
Elaichi / ela 5.25mg
Tejpatta 5.25mg
Nagkeshara 5.25mg
Sendha Namak 5.25mg
Bhringraj 5.25mg
Jeera 5.25mg
Kala Jeera 5.25mg
Dhaniya 5.25mg
Jatamansi 5.25mg
Shatavari 5.25mg
Kushta 5.25mg
Vanshlochan 5.25mg
Draksha 5.25mg
Lavang 5.25mg
Bala 5.25mg
Atibala 5.25mg
Chavya 5.25mg
Ajwain 5.25mg
Shat pushpa  5.25mg
Kaunch Beej 5.25mg
Bael Fruit 5.25mg
Kakoli 5.25mg
Kshir kakoli 5.25mg
Tankan 5.25mg
Shalparni 5.25mg
Gokhru 5.25mg
Chitrak 5.25mg
Shallaki 5.25mg
Mura Mansi 5.25mg
Punarnava 5.25mg
Ashwagandha 5.25mg
Rakta Pushpa 5.25mg
Gajpippali 5.25mg
Katphala 5.25mg
Mulethi 5.25mg
Saunf 5.25mg
Talispatra 5.25mg
Saariva 5.25mg
Priyangu 5.25mg
Tagar 5.25mg
Vidhara Beej 5.25mg
Shalmali 5.25mg
Khajur 5.25mg
Vidarikand 5.25mg
Prishna Parni 5.25mg
Padmakh 5.25mg
Talmakhana Beej 5.25mg
Methi 5.25mg
Rakt Chandan 5.25mg
Black pepper 5.25mg
Kala til 5.25mg
Kak Shrungi 5.25mg
Saralkasth 5.25mg
Camphor 5.25mg
Sunth 5.25mg


Male sexual wellness, Premature/Delayed ejaculation, Testicular/Epipdymis disorders, Lower libido, Erectile dysfunction, Sexual performance anxiety etc. 


- Increases Uro-Genetilia Health
- Sperm Protective
- Increases mental calmness
- Natural Sexual stimulant
- Devoid of synthetic side effects


Dosage: 1-2 tablets, twice a day after meals. Consume regularly for atleast 15 days for visible results.

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  • Vijaya (Cannabis sativa leaf)

  • Abhrak Bhasma

  • Loha Bhasma

  • Vang Bhasma

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this product habit forming?

Absolutely not. The results would be long lasting even after consumption of Mahakameshwar Modak is discontinued and no withdrawl symptoms or discomfort would be experienced.

That said its a great supplement for overall wellness and provides a general improvement in daily lifestyle.

How long do I need to consume these before experiencing visible results?

Clinical experience has suggested minimum15 days of regular consumption. While it would be best for a doctor to gauge the level of severity and predict the results.

Should I stop my allopathic medicines?

We would strongly suggest you should not do that. If you've been prescribed a course of medicines you must not stop that. While allopathic medicines work on subduing the symptoms herbal medicines work on the root cause. Consuming herbal medicines would definately help in reducing or stopping the dependance on allopathoc medicines with its occasional undesired side effects but immediately stopping it without consulting a doctor will most likely result to be counterproductive.

Is this Legal?

Yes! without a doubt this is completly legal.

These formulations were written in the ayurvedic wisdom and has been used by ayurvedic practitioners for thousands of years giving fruitful results to their patients. We follow the model where our medicines are prescribed and not sold. Being completly non-psyscoative and not habit forming its completly safe to consume and with all the licences in place from our end as long as a doctor has prescribed this to you you're 100% clean and free to consume this legally.

Following are the licences we have in place to make and sell these medicines

- Hemp manufacturing licence
- Hemp Quota from Excise Department
- AYUSH Approval on formulations and quanitity
- Free Sale Certificate by the Drug Comptroller
- ex-FDA Legal Opinion