Do Not Trust Everything on Display: The Power of Packaging

Do Not Trust Everything on Display: The Power of Packaging

By Zahraa Raj

We have all come across great products that don’t sell because of their bad packaging and, hence, miss out on great results for either the skin or the hair. But have you ever thought about bad skincare products with such great packaging or marketing which makes you want to purchase immediately?

While the power of marketing and packaging could make you want to buy an item for just that, your pocket could pay a hefty price only based on attraction. 

But not every skincare product you see will create wonders for your skin with what it claims to do. Ever come across an expensive brand that markets itself out to be an all-in-one elixir for your skin, but shows results equivalent to a drugstore moisturizer? 

There is no doubt that some brands are authentic and provide results irrespective of their prices, but whether or not you’re just starting out, or a skincare junkie, you DO NOT need to buy into the frills. No matter how great the packaging seems, without doing your research and relying on customer feedback, you're taking a risk. 

With the number of upcoming companies and brands entering the skincare product line, it could be a headache trying to figure out what is for you and what is not. So follow these basic steps so that you don’t lure yourself into the trap of packaging.

Do your research:

Not every brand is true to their customers. So you need to find out before you make a purchase. You could always use your sources, word of mouth, or even Quora and Amazon reviews will help you narrow down your options.

Tried and Tested:

Before committing yourself, always try out a tester or the mini travel kit so you can understand if it’s authentic and works for your skin. It could cost you just a fraction of the original product's cost, but it is wiser than making a bigger investment and seeing no results.


The advantage of going shopping is that you come across multiple brands at one time, so you can easily compare each product with the same product of another brand. And you could always trust your gut with that.


As per your issue, find the skincare product which has your required ingredient and in the right amount, if you need help knowing what it is, you can refer here (link). Check for added fragrances or allergies which could harm your skin. 

Customer Service:

In case, if anything goes wrong a reliable customer care support is required. This also shows that your chosen brand cares for you and will either refund your money or send another item to correct the damage caused. 


In the end, it’s all about you. You should be willing to repurchase it and shouldn’t be a burden on your pocket. Otherwise you will have to go through all the steps till you find your perfect skincare product which matches the price, quality and promised results as well.

Today, brands are being more customer cautious, by being more respectful to their choices and opinions and making the right changes without altering their goals, rather than a few which only care about returns, and hence face losses ahead of their business. 

Marketing and Packaging is everything to attract a customer, but the ability to make them stay is a skill perfected by very few of them.

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