An underrated skincare practice: Hygiene.

An underrated skincare practice: Hygiene.

 By Trisha Malhotra

When people tell you to wash your face more to get rid of acne, the advice, albeit tone-deaf, isn't completely inaccurate. While most people do not need to wash their faces more, they do need to learn how to wash their faces better. Beyond how you cleanse your skin, there are many underrated hygienic practices that prevent bacterial buildup. Here’s a free acne control product that works wonders: good skin hygiene.

How important is skin hygiene?

Think of hygiene as the foundation for your skincare. Without it, no matter how expensive your skincare supplement is, those pesky breakouts will persist. Consider this example. You’ve purchased a fancy new serum with clinically tested anti-aging effects. On top of that, you’ve invested in a green algae skincare supplement that claims to detoxify the body. However, after your nighttime skincare routine, you go to bed on two-week-old pillowcases. While you sleep, the bacteria, grease, and debris on your old pillow cover continue to clog your pores overnight while you twist and turn. Your supplement might be ‘detoxifying’ your liver, and the serum might be preventing early signs of aging, but you will still break out from an unsanitary pillowcase. This is why hygiene is the foundation of skincare. Without it, even miracle products perform poorly.

So what does good skin hygiene look like?

Here are some easy hygiene tips that can make a massive difference to your skin’s health:

  • Never touch your face without washing your hands right before. 
  • Change your pillowcases as often as possible. The bacteria on pillowcases is oftentimes a culprit for fresh breakouts. Once or twice a week is a good frequency for changing your pillow covers. 
  • Do not use expired makeup. Avoid sharing makeup products like mascara and lipstick. Clean your makeup brushes and sponges as often as possible.
  • Always cleanse your face before bed before you apply your skincare. 
  • Never pick at acne. This is a surefire way to lead to scarring and spreading a breakout. If you find this habit hard to break, slap on a pimple patch over the affected area. 
  • When you cleanse your face, ensure you massage the cleanser into nooks and crannies like the backs of your ears, the back of your neck, and the corners of your nose. 30 seconds of gentle circular motions does the trick. 
  • Keep your hair out of the way when you sleep. The greasiness, dust, and debris could clog your pores overnight. 
  • Avoid exposing your skincare products to air and heat as much as possible. Most formulas break down in the presence of heat and light, and exposure to air can result in bacteria growth. Opt for packaging with a pump design to ensure the product is never exposed to air. 
  • An innocuous yet crucial body skin care tip is to wash your towels as often as possible. Any damp environment is ideal for breeding bacteria, and unclean towels can cause all kinds of trouble- from backne to fungal infections. 
  • Try not to dry your face with a towel, if possible, and opt for something gentler and comparatively cleaner like tissue paper or air dry. If using a towel, guarantee it is fresh. 
  • Avoid staying in exercise wear for too long post working out. Try to hop into a shower immediately. The longer you stay in skin tight workout gear, the more chances of trapped sweat and dirt clogging your pores. 

In a nutshell

Hopefully, some of these tips are things you’ve never considered before. The benefit is that once you make these changes, you will likely see an improvement in your skin’s health. Check out more of our blogs to find out more skin care fundamentals that don't drain your wallet.


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